Warm&ToteAnything else is just a brown paper bag!


This is the 4th order for us. :) Thank you for making my daughter's lunches better, Warm & Tote!
We ordered the Gia this time.
T. Peace, Tulsa, OK

I am glad to be a loyal customer for the past 10 years. My daughter wanted her (milk)bottles warm @ 6 months.
She is now 10.5 y/o.
J. L. Lotterman, Boxborough, MA

We LOVE our Lunch and Go's! Just as advertised.
J. Hefted, Lake Forest Park, WA

Dear Warm & Tote:
Our family used the warm & Tote pouch for a long time now. We just LOVE this amazing invention. It keeps warm for hours and is super safe for the kids. It takes 2 minutes to warm up, and the food is warm for hours later. Also, it is easy to wash, since the pouch comes with a fabric washable cover. You can keep anything warm! We tried so many different products before, but the warm and tote is by far the BEST one! We truly enjoy it. Thank you for providing such a simple and easy solution for every family.
E. Leit,  LA Calif.


I would like to give a big shout-out to your company for mastering the art of keeping hot lunches  “hot”. 
I have tried many, many different products and yours definitely came out on top.  I highly recommend your product...  

Have a wonderful day,
D. Munro


To Whom It May Concern,

I love the tote warmer and cooler. My 4 year old daughter uses it each day to school and she always has a warm healthy lunch because of warm and tote. After 1 1/2 years of use the tote seem to open up and no longer served its function allowing the warm/cool to escape. Warm and Tote is sending me a replacement free of charge! Its rare to see a company stand by the product and I wanted everyone to know that these guys do. Have A Wonderful Day!  

 I. Udler, Hallandale, FL  

To Whom It May Concern,

Thanks to the warm and tote lunchbox.  We have been so amazed at how healthy our asthmatic son has been this year and feel that we owe it all to the warm and tote lunchbox!  Sadly, we didn't find out about this product earlier as it would have helped us provide nourishing meals at school in years past.  Thanks for investing the time in making a quality product like this for kids.  As a teacher and parent I always share your product with others.  We are fortunate to be able to provide hot, nourishing and balanced meals for our child at lunchtime. 
Yours truly,
 D. Hathaway, Placentia, CA

Dear Warm & Tote,
My children (4 & 6) take their heated Lunch & Go packs to school daily. I have recommended your product to other mothers at the school and other friends looking for a hot lunch on the go. The product is great and truly keeps lunch warm. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.

Also, Glenn in Customer Care is to be commended for the quick and complete follow up. He called back twice and sent an email with the information. I work in Customer Service myself and recognize the superior service. Glenn has provided. I look forward to ordering more in the future as my kids grow and need larger lunch packs. Truly – my kids would go hungry without their Warm & Totes.

Melanie , Hamilton, NJ

Dear Warm & Tote,
First, I'd like to say I LOVE this product!  My pre-schooler does not like "cold" foods and I have searched high and low for a lunch box which will keep the food warm.  The cafeteria assistants at my son's school who help the children get their foods out have even complimented me on this lunch tote; she says some days my son's food is SO warm that even SHE is tempted to eat his leftovers! :-)
Sonia, Frisco, TX

Dear Warm & Tote,
My little nephew, Tristin, who just turned 7 has told me that the Warm and Tote Lunch Kit I bought him was the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!   We were so worried about him, as he would come home from school and was so hungry, as he hates cold sandwiches and of course does not care for the school's food.  Thanks to Warm and Tote, every day he gets in the car and says to his Mother "My lunch was HOT!"   Your customer service and product is wonderful!   Thanks so much!
C. Aulenbach,  Mesquite, TX

I ordered a Warm & Tote along with the buddie bag. I also received a DivaTote. I am extremely impressed. They are delivered quickly, and customer service is awesome!! The warmandtote is eveything it says and more. My kids love having a hot lunch for a change. Being on single mom, I am always on the go. I just take my Diva bag with me and I can eat a warm healthy lunch where ever I go. I have lost 4 pounds already. I know I was a little hesitant on buying them. I would like others to know how wonderful they are. I have been telling all the moms at school as well.

I have had the Diva and the kids lunch warm and totes since this summer. They have been WONDERFUL!! I am a single mom living on a very fixed income. We live outside the city. I take breakfast in our warm and totes. With one of the slings that came with it, I pack all the cold items. The children eat lunch at school. We have many evening activities in the city. So instead of coming back, I warm the items in the cold bag as well as the warm and tote heat pack at the school. That allows their food to stay hot until we get where we are going. Sooooo much cheaper than fast food and much healthier. The lock and lock idea was great as well.. worth it!  Thank you!!
C. Burkhart

Hello. Let me start this by telling you that I am a very satisfied customer of your product. Over the summer I had ordered (4) Warm and Tote bags, along with the knapsack like thingys for my 4 children. They have been a "sanity saver", as the school my kids go to does not have a working cafeteria. These lunchbags have paid for themselves many times over in the last 4 months.
D. Sommer
Whitestone, N.Y.

Yes, the Warm & Tote backpacks arrived yesterday--in time to carry a hot lunch to school today for my 3 girls (plus room for their water bottles & assorted snacks). Specifically, last night my wife asked at dinner if the new lunch boxes kept things hotter than the thermoses which they had been using, earlier. All responded with a resounding YES!

The thermoses were okay--but they leaked, for a start, including the new, bowl-type ones. Furthermore, it was difficult to stuff awkward (and common) hot lunch-type items into them, such as sausage rolls, taquitos, and so on.

Now that I'm a stay-at-home-dad, it is my mission to jack up the running of our household to a scientific efficiency (no doubt a result of my own, academic past). A truly hot lunch is my goal, and each day I'm finessing lunch preparation toward that end.

In any case, thank you, again for your efforts to provide a kid-friendly and actually functioning product.   I'll keep you apprised on how things progress.

'Kindest regards,
-G. McClane

Your company offers excellent customer service. It's quite refreshing.
Thank you,
Danny Brown

Thanks so much for the shipping and all of the emails! I will tell all of my parent friends about your product once I receive it! Even so your customer service is OUTSTANDING!!

Thanks, actually I am using the warm tote for 3 years now and it's very good.

Thank you for creating such a great product
We now have 12 kids in our little private school using the
lunch bags-----not only because you created a great
product but you gave me great customer service.
All the best
Kabbalah Children's Academy Parent

My son loves his Warm and Tote, it has opened up so many
new options for toasted sandwiches, leftover quesadillas,
etc. for his school lunches. It's a great product!
D. W. Larin

Hello! I just had to reply to tell you how wonderful Warm & Tote is. I have used mine for so many things from warming wipes to keeping baby food jars heated to warming water for an anticipated bottle. I have told so many people about the Warm & Tote products. I cannot express how happy I was to find the Warm & Tote website!! The warming packs are so convenient!! All I have to do is pop them in the microwave for a minute or so and they keep my items warm for hours. I love the fact that there is no boiling water required to reactivate the packs. I am amazed at how long they actually keep their heat. I now use them to keep my daughter's lunch and snack foods cold. This product is AMAZING!! I recently lost one of my Warm & Tote bags at the movies and I was so sad I had to hurry and order a few

S. Arledge, Aliso Viejo, CA

One of the best! Easy to read -- great links -- good pictures. I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow and will give a Warm & Tote as part of my gift. Along with it, I'm taking printouts of some of the web pages to pass around to the other expectant Moms who'll be there -- and the Grandmothers who will be your best customers, no doubt! I'm sold!"

J. Dilworth Roslyn, PA

...In the past I have purchase one for myself and loved it so much I got 5 more of your warm and tote's and gave them away at baby showers and even a bridal shower. I thought you might like to know that everyone that received them as gifts were very pleased, especially the new mom with her first baby girl living in the coldest of places --Canada....I gave another one to a friend at work expecting a baby soon (I really didn't know what to get her) and I added the portable wipes container (pampers) put it inside the W&T and she was so happy about having a TRAVEL warmer that she started to cry (of course I think it was the hormones getting away from her) "Now" she says, "I don't have to stay home all the time, I can take my baby with me!"

... Anyway, I have one more still here waiting for a home, but it wont be long now, I have a friend in Florida expecting a girl, and one in Hawaii expecting (boy or girl) so I will be sending that one off very soon.. I will be visiting again to place another order before Christmas, I need to get a W&T for my friend in Hawaii as soon as I find out what the baby will be (boy or girl).. but I thought I would tell you my little story and maybe this will help you with new ideas on how to use the W&T. I wouldn't doubt it if you got some business from me either.. some of the mom's at the baby showers were asking for the website address.. and believe me I was free with it.. , and continue the great work.. you will be hearing from me again in the next few months...

E. Charran

"I pack the Warm & Tote in my kid's school bags with disinfectant towelettes to clean their hands before and after meals", attributing "fewer colds" to the use of the Warm & Tote.
B. Swanson, Pittsburg, PA

"I purchased a blue Warm & Tote for my husband. He is a diabetic and parcel delivery driver. He uses the Warm & Tote to keep his insulin chilled so that it does not go bad during the day. What a terrific product!"
S. Boykin, Los Angeles, CA

"I keep a Warm & Tote on the kitchen table all the time to wipe my toddler's hands and faces frequently throughout the day, especially before meals."
M. Tillman, Chicago, IL

Subject: Re: My Warm and Tote order #xxxxxx
Many thanks for the follow-up, good customer service!  My new job is such that we are not afforded any place to heat up a lunch we might bring from home...if I want something hot, I have to spend money at a fast food place and I don't need to spend the money or eat poor choices. Your Warm and Tote is the answer to my lunch prayer.

Thank you! We like the warm and tote very much! Our daughter uses it for her school lunches. Thank you for your understanding and great customer service!!
Mrs. Thomas Lutz

Dear Warm & Tote.
We thoroughly enjoy and appreciate your products.
P. Mancini, Ph.D., NCAC II
Executive Director

Thank you very much. I'll be sure to tell my friends about your product. My kids just love it.
L. Gervasi

Thanks for the update. I'm really looking forward to this, as my son's school does not allow the kids to use microwaves, and his plastic thermos does not keep anything warm by lunchtime.

Thank you for the update...we cannot wait to receive it!!
J. Cohen

Thank you for this update. What fabulous proactive customer service! Your email is a great example of how things should work, and I salute your company's approach to keeping your customers informed and happy--a sure recipe for success.

P. Hoss

Thanks so much. It's been a pleasure doing business with Warm & Tote. Will spread the word...
J. D. Francois

Thank you -- a million thank yous! I am so in love with this product that I do show every new mother I know! Your customer service is fantastic. Thanks again!
J. Eshima

I think I will really enjoy the product and look forward to passing on your great customer service to fellow mom's of toddlers.
S. Shiffer

This has been a real help to my husband, who is a field biologist and has to leave the house at 3:00am each morning to get to his work sites. I make an egg/cheese/sausage casserole that I bake and cut up into "bricks" and freeze. In the morning, he pops one into the microwave, puts it into the W&T, and it's still hot when he's ready to eat around 6:00am.
L. Kamada

Here's how I use my Lunch and Go(tm). I bought a lunch & go for my preschooler. I love to pack hot lunches for her. I have used the Turbo packs and put them in a regular insulated lunch bag.
A. Villareal
***Warm & Tote Reply***

Hi Alejandra:
Glad to hear your comments. We take our customers very seriously. We have decided to make our next production styles even larger, and in a gorgeous variety of colors. We have them available now in our Lunch & Go™ line-up. September, 2007 - Just in time for back to school. Please keep an eye on our website, www.warmandtote.com.
Thank you for your valued business,
Your Warm & Tote Customer Care Team

Received the Warm & Totes' in the mail Saturday. Thank you for such quick service! Looks like our sons lunch pail will be kept nice and warm this winter. He will really put them to a test as he leaves his lunch sit in the car until its time to eat. Thanks again for your prompt, effecient (sp) service.
Kathy Winterton

Got the Lunch & Go Sat. LOVE IT! THANKS

(Note: Regarding the Quick2Warm(tm) Bottle Warmer)
Thank you for shipping the missing turbo pack from my order. I also appreciate the unexpected extra one "for the trouble". I find these useful and have been passing the idea and website on to relatives who recently gave birth as well. A very handy idea. I can't believe how warm it keeps a bottle. Most heat packs don't last. I am looking forward to ordering one for my sons lunch box when school starts again.

Thanks again
S. Kwak

I've be meaning to e-mail you back and tell you how much I love your product. It's great! I heat up the bottle and the heating pack and it keeps it warm for hours. Have you thought about making a tote that would fit more than one bottle? Thanks again for your great customer service! God Bless!
J. Sondrol

The testimonials go on. So, when you get yours, we encourage you to e-mail us with the many ways you have enjoyed the use of your Warm & Tote™ product. Come and join our many happy customers around the world.