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Kool MattSmart Trivet Collection

Kool Matt Trivet Measures 7" diameter
  • "Smart Sensor" Technology assures that your food meets FDA "safe serving standards"
  • Can be re-frozen and re-used over and over indefinitely.
  • Includes insulating cork base adding thermal insulation and protects tabletops and counters
  • Only 1 Kool Matt will ship per order
  • Made in the USA

Have you ever been entertaining and thinking, "this tuna salad has been out for over an hour, I hope it's safe to eat". According the FDA, certain popular cold foods should not be left out longer than 1 -2 hours, and only one hour if the ambient temperature is over 90 degrees. These would include, for example, salads with mayo, dairy, eggs, tuna, seafood, and many others. It is important to maintain a max food temperature of 40 degrees or lower.

The Kool Matt Smart Trivet will eliminate this question for good-- so you can enjoy entertaining your guests with total confidence that your foods are refrigerated right on the table to safe standards.

Here's why. Embedded in the food-grade, non-toxic silicone trivet is a proprietary blend of patented, non-toxic materials that literally recycles COLD stored from the freezer into the food container and back into the trivet. Also, embedded right on top of the Kool Matt Smart Trivet is a smart sensor strip that tells if your food is in the FDA Safety Zone. How convenient is that? If the food temperature exceeds the safe temp, you simply replace with another frozen Kool Matt. The only remaining safe choice is to return the food to the refrigerator which may put a damper on the party.

The Kool Matt uses no batteries,no cords, no ice, and no messy clean-up, for use anywhere you entertain around your home. You simply freeze the trivet overnight. Remove trivet from freezer and serve cold food on top. Freeze it! Place it! Use it! It's that easy!

Kool-Matt (Smart Trivet)
(1 Trivet included)

Only $29.95

US ground Shipping & Handling $9.95/ea.

Kool Matt Smart Trivet Use Details

  • The SMART sensor is the dark strip across the face of the Kool MATT trivet. It is designed to advise the user when to recharge (place back in the freezer) and replace the Kool MATT trivet with a freshly frozen Kool Matt. Remember, they may be used over and over, indefinitely.

  • When Kool MATT is removed from the freezer the strip will be black

  • It will take about 15 minutes for the sensor to record and display safe temperatures for the food placed on top of the Kool MATT

  • After about 1 hour check the sensor.

  • When the sensor returns to black the food is reaching the 40 degree threshold.

  • Either, return the food to the refrigerator or if you have another Kool MATT (recommended) place another new frozen trivet under your meal.

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