Warm&ToteAnything else is just a brown paper bag!

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Warm & Tote is the original and the premier maker of thermal lunch totes in the U.S.A.  Our totes can be used HOT or COLD!
Our mission is to make life easier for parents, children and seniors.  It's the best performing hot lunch box for your finicky eater at
school and for you at the office.  We  promote the love of learning and of family. 


Designed to keep food warm until lunchtime. Prepare meals at home and it's ready to eat at the perfect temperature when you arrive at work,
school, daycare or any sport activity or event. Its tidy personal size allows easy flat foldaway for storage on the way home. Has a convenient
front logo pocket for napkin, straw or eating utensils. Maintains safe temperatures for hours hot or cold. We have again innovated our legendary
Lunch & Go™ heated lunch tote to accommodate your busy lifestyles and your need to eat healthy.

The Lunch & Go legend™ - Only $ 35.99


Here's our Best Bag Ever! We have re-designed it, improved the construction to withstand rough and rugged handling. Designed with the
super functional job of keeping hot food hot and cold food cold...All in the same bag.

The H.C. Perfecta™ - Only $ 39.99
KOOL MATT Smart Trivet™

THE Kool-Matt™ SMART Trivet™ with "Smart Sensor" technology

1) The smart trivet that keeps Cold food Cold while entertaining family and friends.

2) Your concern and risk of salads with mayo, dips and seafood going bad is a thing of the past.

3) Perfect for entertaining year-round- Holidays, BBQ's, picnics, patio dining.

4) No need for ice with messy drainage hassles or hauling and re-filling ice

5) One less thing to tend to so you can enjoy entertaining your guests.

The Kool-Matt™ SMART Trivet™- Only $ 29.95
Your Choice! No matter which choice you make, you'll know that you're getting the best heated lunch tote available anywhere.  We know because we invented this technology.

Warm & Tote is is the genuine original product that answers the problem faced by parents and children alike.  Eating food that is healthy, gives you control over food allergies and that satisfies even the most finicky eater.  If you are a mom trying to conveniently meet the needs of a Celiac, Asperger's or Autistic student, this is it.  If you want to control your or your child's intake of fat, sugar, salt or preservatives, this is it.

Meet Warm & Tote™ and the Lunch & Go™ family of products.  Welcome!