Warm&ToteAnything else is just a brown paper bag!

Buddie Hot & Cold Bundle

  • The Legend Measures 7"(l) x 7"(w) x 4"(d)
  • Folds FLAT for easy carry-home storage Includes 1 standard turbo heat pack
  • Buddie Bag Measures 10"(w) x 13"(h) x 6"(d)

This bundle is perfect to carry both hot & cold items together. This package is bundled to carry in our conveniently sized BuddieBag backpack.
Buddie Hot & Cold Bundle
(6 Piece Set)

Legends (2 Included):

Buddie BackPack Color:

Extra TurboPack Color:

Only $79.95 Complete!
Be sure to select colors above
(US ground S&H $19.99/ea.)

Lunch & Go legend Heated Lunch Tote

Designed to keep food warm until lunchtime. Prepare meals at home and it's ready to eat at the perfect temperature when you arrive at work, school, daycare or any sport activity or event. Its tidy personal size allows easy flat foldaway for storage on the way home. Has a convenient front logo pocket for napkin, straw or eating utensils. Maintains safe temperatures for hours hot or cold. We have again innovated our legendary Lunch & Go™ heated lunch tote to accommodate your busy lifestyles and your need to eat healthy.
Included TurboPack can be used over and over; Hot or Cold. It is completely safe and non-toxic. 

Never waste another minute waiting in line for the microwave. With a legend, that's a thing of the past. Besides...have you looked inside of these public appliances? YUK! Who knows what's lurking in there. Bring your healthy, tasty lunch from home and have it hot on the spot with a legend - in a class of its own.

Frequently bought together:

Purchase Extra Turbo Packs

TurboPack measures 5"(width) x 7& (height) x 1"(thick)

Works great if you want to carry a cold drink with your hot food item.  A soda can or juicy box fits inside the cover sleeve(shown) together with the TurboPack inside the sleeve. Drinks stay ice-cold for 5 hours.

Extra TurboPacks (EP-100)
(Only Blue Sleeve Available)
Buy Extra TurboPacks
(Small 5" x 7") fits all models

Only $9.95 (See "Important Note" below)

US ground Shipping & Handling $9.95/ea.

Buy 2 Extra TurboPacks & SAVE!
PPK2x (Only Blue Sleeve Available)
Price: $8.50 each

Extra Turbo Pack

Heated Lunch Tote

You'll never be without the power you need when you purchase an extra PowerPack. Use one for Hot, use the other for Cold.  Either way, it is always comforting to know that you have a back-up power supply. Second pack can also be used to boost heat and cold retention and endurance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: (May I buy separately?) These re-chargeable TurboPack(tm) thermal generators are part of a patented, thermal Lunch & Go(tm) lunch box "system". They may not be sold separately. Individual sales are exclusively available to existing Lunch & Go(tm) customers, and to customers placing a Lunch & Go(tm) order today. (previous customers must type previous order# into the "comments" section of the shop cart.

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